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Perfect Love

God you never cease to amaze me.  The more I think that no one could love me, the more you show me just how much you love me through other people.  I’m not sure what I am feeling but perhaps maybe just maybe for the first time in my life I am experiencing what true love feels like.  Not a romantic love that world sees but the love that you have for us.  A love with no strings or expectations, a love with no judgement or condemnation.  A love that is overwhelming that there are no words to describe.  A love that if given to much could actually hurt us but you know exactly how much we can handle and dole it out in just the right amount.  Just enough to keep us wanting more but not so much that it shuts us down.  A perfect love that’s what it is.

Last night I had the courage to speak to a dear friend and discuss some boundaries and I thought for sure this would be goodbye.  It wasn’t and this person just exemplified to me your love in a way I hadn’t seen before.  My courage to speak the truth deepened our relationship rather than destroying it.  That is something I’ve never experienced before.  I am not sure where you are going with my life but one thing I am sure of is I am following you and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me.

This week you dropped $1500 in my lap just in time for me to have my dental work done.  I had no idea how I was going to pay for it but you heard my need and provided at the right time.  I am beginning to see your hand actively at work in my life.  Each morning I get up wondering what you have in store for me.  Where will my God lead me today? How will he use me to touch the lives of those around me?  For the first time I really want to live not for me but for you.  I understand now.  Funny how I thought I understood before but looking  back I realize just how little I understood.  Now I wonder just how much I still don’t understand.  I know though that you Lord will reveal everything in the right time.

Until next time I will rest in your peace,


Your beloved daughter

Umbrella of Peace

Drip Drop, Drip Drop

The pitter patter of the rain

Drip Drop, Drip Drop

The pitter patter of my pain

The rustle of the wind,

The rustle of emotions

Chirping of the crickets

Chirping of my chore list

It’s 5 am and its still dark

Running is off the table

and sleep is gone as well

I am left with only you Lord

and the thoughts invading my soul

You speak to me softly

whispering words of comfort

words I’ve read a lifetime

are now my souls best friend

How did you know I would need this

for a time such as this

Early morning drizzling rain

Chirping crickets,drown the wind

sleep has left me all alone

But you O Lord have found me home.

Explaining God

 I was talking with God today about someone he placed in my life who no longer
believes in God.  I was trying to find a way to convince this person
that God does exist and that the Bible is true.  God spoke to me
though and told me that I couldn’t teach this person anything that
they didn’t already know.  This wasn’t about not having enough
information, this was about experiencing God.  I could talk, teach and
try to show all I wanted but the only way someone is really going to
know God is real, is by Experiencing God for themselves.  For example I
can learn all I want about how to parachute out of an airplane but
until I actually do it,  I really don’t “know” what it is like to
parachute.  In that same sense I can tell them and teach them till I
am blue in the face but I can’t experience God for them.  They have to
be ready and willing to jump out of the plane to have the experience
for themselves.  All I can do is stand on the sidelines and cheer them
on hoping that by seeing me succeed, they to will have the courage to
take the flying leap of faith necessary to experience the fullness of
who God is.

How do we find God in the Bible?  

Its not really a how to manual on life.

 There is no 12 step program on becoming a christian and going to heaven.  It is through reading about others experiencing God that we are able to see and experience God for ourselves,  Perhaps the key to reaching people who don’t believe is by sharing our own experiences with God instead of trying to tell them what to do and how to live their lives. .


Rain Drops Of The Heart

I woke up this morning to the pitter patter of the rain outside my window.  I laid there already depressed at what the day would hold.  I looked at my phone and even the live phone ap was raining away.  I know we need the rain, it’s part of life’s cycle, but why God is it so depressing? 

I began to think how rain makes all things new.  It washes away the dirt and grime, it cleans the dust out of the air, it even refreshes the plants and gives them strength.  I began to think how our tears are like the rain.  Tears are the spiritual washing of our heart, a necessity for our emotional health.  Our tears can wash away pain and bitterness,  bringing strength and nourishment to our spirit.  So often I find myself and others forcing the tears back,  hiding them from others.  Why do we instinctively hide something that is simply part of life’s cycle?  Something that is so vital to the health of our hearts.  Ps. 126 speaks about sowing our tears so we may reap sheaves of joy.  To sow our tears is to share them with others, not hiding them or pushing them down.  It means not running to the privacy of our closets because we feel weak.  For it is through our weakness that He is strong.  It is through our tears of pain and suffering that God uses us to show others his great Love.  The sheaves of joy that we later harvest are the relationships that we build through sharing our sufferings. 

So today I am not going to view the rain as gloom and doom, but rather a reminder to clean out the baggage in my own heart and allow those around me to share in it.

What is God’s Love Story for me?

Betrayed by his beloved.

He did the unthinkable.

Sacrificing everything for the one he loved.

The one who pierced his heart with the ultimate betrayal.

Yet he gave his all.

To know that kind of Love is to get but a glimpse of heaven.

How do we know that kind of Love?

Simply by opening the doors of our heart and allowing him passage through the deepest, most personal chambers of our hearts.

My Love story has been unfolding for more than 30yrs now and I hope that by sharing it others can begin to see their own Love story unfold.