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Mile Ten

I started running about 18 months ago.  Since then I have been asked several times why I run?  and Why I haven’t run a marathon.  I was never really sure how to answer those questions.  I have no desire to run a marathon.  I kind of think it sounds like torture.  So below is a poem I wrote that will hopefully help all of those curious to understand just why I run.

The wind hits my face as my feet hit the ground.

The sound of the gravel beneath my feet sends the birds to flight.

Startled from their perch

Their wings take flight soaring over the waters edge beside me.

The trees stand tall and strong.

They rise up to protect me from piercing eyes.

Crisp fall leaves sprinkle the path before me

Their smell oddly enough brings comfort to my aching soul.

Run, Run, Run

Mile 1, Mile 2, Mile 3

Am I running from something or to something?

I don’t know

I know that with each bead of sweat,

blood is squeezed out of the chambers of my heart.

The tears trickle down as endorphins begin to coarse through my veins.

The walls that were closing in on my soul come crashing down and freedom moves in.

Mile 4, Mile 5, Mile 6

Why am I running?

I start off running from God

Knowing that is impossible my anger spews forth and I run to him.

Attacking him with my thoughts, questioning his choices for my life.

Asking “Why me?”

Mile 7, Mile 8, Mile 9

I hear a small voice whispering to my soul

words of comfort, words of peace.

My pace begins to slow and the physical effects of the run awaken my eyes.

The sun has sunk down.

The last rays of light slipping away beneath the trees.

Darkness is moving in fast.

But there is a light in my soul that fear cannot touch.

A light within me that sees me the last mile home.

My tears are turned to joy as I cross the bridge over troubled waters.

The last few steps

My battle is won

Mile 10

I am home.


If I am made perfect just the way I am

Why do I hurt?

Perfection isn’t happiness

Perfection isn’t spotless

Perhaps perfection is simply an acceptance of what we are

Our “flaws” are our beauty marks

They make us unique and one of a kind

Why would we want to change that which makes us special?

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder

just as beauty is

If perfection means with out flaw

then its not possible in a broken world

So why set our goals on something we can’t achieve here?