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Invitation For Success


God you are calling me

Calling me for a purpose

Calling me to be something new

I am scared

So scared of failing

I know you say its okay to fail

What if it’s not okay with me?

I don’t want to fail

How do I change me?

Sounds so easy just change myself

Allow “me” to fail and be okay with it

I have to accept “me”

Not just for what I can do but also for what I can’t do

I have known failure for so long

He has been a close friend of mine

You would think I would be used to him

I expect failure to show up that is why I’m scared

I know the pain that comes with being his friend

He is invited to every new circumstance

That is why I hate new things

What if I make success my new friend

Failure doesn’t show up when success  is there

What if I expect success to appear?

I can pretend I do and hope beyond hope that something

Bigger than me is at work here

I can expect success to show up

God doesn’t let failure in his house

God’s made his home in me so failure can’t sneak in anymore

Success is my new friend!

My Prayer This Morning Feb. 1,2013


Dear God,

Thank you for the many blessings you have given me.  Thank you in advance for meeting my needs which are so great at this moment.  I could list them all but you already know them.  My heart is groaning deep with in me.  Your word says that the Spirit you give me groans in behalf of my pain, interceding for me at the foot of your throne.  There are no words to describe the intensity of my life at this moment but you O’ Lord have endured all and know where I am.  So in you I will place my trust, in you I will place my hope, and that tiny little mustard seed of faith that I have is more than enough to move the mountains in my life.  Your word says the plans you have for me are good and they are not to hurt me.  I have called upon you and I trust you are listening to me.  I have sought you with all my heart and have found you every where.  So here I am waiting for you to carry me out of captivity,  bring me out of the exile I am in to your glory.  These are the promises  you have given me and the promises I am choosing to stand upon.

Thank you Lord

In Christ’s Love

Your Beloved Daughter