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Worlds Largest Spider

A familiar scream pierced through the cool night air and I turned quickly to see my 2 daughters jumping out of the car.  Tori who is 14 and Christy who is 8., had chosen to wait in the car and play on the I Pad and Kindle while I ran into a few stores with my oldest daughter Alison who was in search for a Homecoming dress.  We just so happened to be walking from one store in the shopping plaza to the next when I heard the scream.  I turned to Alison and told her to go on while I took care of the other 2.  It was late and the stores would be closing soon and we only had 4 more days before the big day so I really didn’t have time for the commotion at the car.

My guess was that there was a spider somewhere in the car and it needed to be dealt with.  Now I’m not really a fan of spiders and quite frankly I try to ignore them  because I really can’t handle it.  I figure if I pretend they are not there then they cease to exist in my mind.  My children however cannot do that…. so this time I must suck it up and go squash the little bugger.

As I approach the car their screams confirm what I already guessed and yes it is a monstrous spider by their description and it had been crawling up Tori’s leg when she discovered it.

I take a deep breath secretly wishing once again that I was not a single Mom and that I had some man in  my life that I could call to come deal with this thing.

Tori holds up her hands to show me that it is 3 inches in diameter and tells me its on the side of the seat between the floor and the edge.

I slowly peak into the car…..the adrenaline, rushing through me as I struggle to remain calm.

The back seat is covered with school bags and miscellaneous stuff that piles in the car with them every day.  All I can think about is how there are lots of places for this thing to run and hide under.  If this thing is really as big as she describes it, it is probably a wolf spider and there is no way I am driving home with one of those in the car.

So her I am standing there trying to get a good look at this thing and I can see what appears to be long legs but I can’t quite make it out.  I figure that if I can get some of the stuff out I might have a better chance of killing it before it hides on me.

Suddenly I hear voices behind me and I turn to see a young couple walking to one of the last cars in the parking lot.

“You wouldn’t mind killing a large spider for me please!”  I plead with the young man.

He hangs his head and says ” I knew you were going to ask me that and no I don’t want to kill a spider.”

“I really don’t like spiders either” he says as he is backing away

Great the guy is even afraid of them,  my spirit deflates again as I turn back to my car.

“Wait! I want to see it first.”  the girl with him shouts as she runs over to look into the car.

I point to where the spider is supposed to be and she leans over attempting to get a visual of it, but she can’t.  It’s too dark and of course she doesn’t want to get too close either.    She decides to pull out her phone to try to take a picture of it so we can see what were dealing with.  As the flash goes off the thing jumps at her and all of us scream and jump away.  Petrified and shaking we look to see what is now sitting on the seat of the car and it is HUGE….Really HUGE!  In fact I don’t think I have ever seen a grasshopper this big.  We all start to laugh hysterically.  At this point  another car pulls up having heard the commotion and the man asks us ” are you alright?”

We all turn to him and explain that what we thought was  a giant spider has turned out to be a giant grasshopper.  He kindly offers to remove the grasshopper for me and I graciously accept his offer.  I am so relieved while thankful and so appreciative for his help.

On the way home I begin to thank God for sending someone to help me and I hear God speaking back to me.


Do you know how many spiders you think you see in your life?  How many times do you look at situations and freak out because you think it is a giant spider.  If you would just let me shine my light on it perhaps you would find that your spiders…..are simply grasshoppers.

We all have spiders in our lives.  Some of them look big and we simply want to squash and run.  Some we would simply prefer to ignore as long as there is no immediate threat.  Perhaps what we really need to do is STOP!

Really look at the spider and determine the truth through Gods light.

Is it really a spider?  Maybe its not.  May be it is.

If it is…… Gods light will show you how to get rid of it and if its not……… you’ll get to enjoy the surprise and relief of conquering a fear.


Ps 34:4

I sought the Lord, and he answered me;

he delivered me from all my fears.

New Mornings Light

Peace has found its home deep within my heart

As the new day dawns, each ray of sunshine

Splashes your greatness upon my soul

Words will never do justice for the beauty of your creation

My breath is stolen by the colors of emotion

Colors created and painted by your heart

You delicately paint my life as sweetly as the morning light

You tenderly direct the path you set before me

So I will walk in confidence

For I know your paths are true and right

For they will lead me home to heavens throne