Archive | June 2017

Love Me!


I need you to love me.

I need to see it.

I know you say your there but I can’t see you

I can’t feel you

and I can’t hear you.

I’m tired!

I don’t need people telling me things I already know.

I need you to love me where I am, not where I should be.

I need to see you with these crappy eyes that don’t see well,

the ones you saw fit to create me with.

I need to hear you with my ears,

not the thoughts in my head that say….

I’ll never be good enough.

You said I didn’t have to be

so where are you?

You said you were there for me and that you would never leave me.

Child like faith….

so simple

Believe in what I cannot see or hear or feel.

So I won’t look for you

Won’t listen

Won’t feel.

I’ll just know

That you are here in my darkest hour.

You know exactly how I feel with out saying a word.

So I’m trusting you to love me the way I need to be loved even if don’t know what that is.