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Crucify Him


Crucify him, Crucify him

Was the cursing of their hearts

Crucify him, Crucify him

Was the cheer inside my heart

I hear their bitter cries

I can see it in their eyes

Perhaps their hearts were broken

Or blinded by words spoken

Either way its doesn’t matter

For nothing could be sadder

For they were deceived to believe

In a king that wouldn’t be

I know my heart was broken

Perhaps it was even stolen

Surely I was deceived

For believing in the creed

For the life I thought was mine

was never truly mine

He said I had a choice

And at that I surely did

 I chose nothing less than a life full of love

With the gift of eternity and a promise of a family

Now the question left for you

Is what choice will you choose?

Love or hate?

Christ is God’s Love for us

and all he wants from you……..Is your open heart

Who could possibly refuse this gift he left for us?

For we’ll all be bound together

With a life to last forever.

My greatest wish on earth is to see you in forever


New Mornings Light

Peace has found its home deep within my heart

As the new day dawns, each ray of sunshine

Splashes your greatness upon my soul

Words will never do justice for the beauty of your creation

My breath is stolen by the colors of emotion

Colors created and painted by your heart

You delicately paint my life as sweetly as the morning light

You tenderly direct the path you set before me

So I will walk in confidence

For I know your paths are true and right

For they will lead me home to heavens throne

Tear Drops for Heaven

Tear drops fall spilling over my heart’s wall

One by one they tell of my heart’s story

Tears of happiness, Tears of sadness

Tears of pain, Tears of shame

Each one is a reflection of my heart’s condition

Don’t stop the tears, Don’t hide the tears

Soak in the moment and feel the emotion

 Before its lost in the ocean

Tears of Tragedy, Tears of Reality

Each one is important, Every one with a purpose

Lessons to be learned, Memories to be made

Crystal clear and uniquely shaped

Each one treasured by the one who created them

Tears of sorrow, Tears of tomorrow

God wants our tears, each and everyone

Tears of laughter, Tears of happily ever after

He collects them in a bottle, he doesn’t miss a one

We must share our tears with loved ones big and small

For our sorrows today may be  sown in pain

But our tears of pain, He turns to gain

From our tears of death to our tears of life

God loves them all the same

And on that day of harvest

We’ll get to enjoy, Our sheaves of joy

Psalm 126 5-7

Those who sow in tears

will reap with songs of joy.

He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow,

will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him.

I believe I sow my tears when I allow others to walk through the trials of life with me.   The longer my pain is hidden within me the uglier it becomes and eventually it comes oozing out in every aspect of my life.  It’s through sharing my pain that I can find healing and I’ve learned it is also an invitation for others to share their wounded hearts to find healing as well.

Inspired by Deb Butler

Written by Monica Thompson

Summer 2012

Invitation For Success


God you are calling me

Calling me for a purpose

Calling me to be something new

I am scared

So scared of failing

I know you say its okay to fail

What if it’s not okay with me?

I don’t want to fail

How do I change me?

Sounds so easy just change myself

Allow “me” to fail and be okay with it

I have to accept “me”

Not just for what I can do but also for what I can’t do

I have known failure for so long

He has been a close friend of mine

You would think I would be used to him

I expect failure to show up that is why I’m scared

I know the pain that comes with being his friend

He is invited to every new circumstance

That is why I hate new things

What if I make success my new friend

Failure doesn’t show up when success  is there

What if I expect success to appear?

I can pretend I do and hope beyond hope that something

Bigger than me is at work here

I can expect success to show up

God doesn’t let failure in his house

God’s made his home in me so failure can’t sneak in anymore

Success is my new friend!

Point of Suffering?

Why do we suffer?  I have beaten myself up over this for a long time.  If I’m God’s child why does he allow all this pain in my life?  Why does it seem like I’m getting an unfair share.  People tell me how wonderful I am and that they are sorry all these bad things that keep happening.  Why do bad things happen to good people?  Am I doing something to deserve this?  I wonder how much more I can possibly take?  Just when I think I can’t take anymore pain there comes another wave.  Its always something that I can’t control.  If your a God of mercy then where is my mercy?  I’m supposed to  hold my head up high in faith that he has everything under control.  He has a plan and it is good.  It doesn’t feel good.  Keep going,  keep walking, be patient, wait.  That is what I hear.  That is so not what I want to do.

I’m bleeding from the inside out

The blood I’ve cried will never run dry

My heart may stop but life goes on.

My pain is not in vain not that any man can know

My Savior is here holding me close

He’s all I need, but not all that I want

For now I will take comfort in knowing he knows my needs

I will continue to kill the desires with in me that seek to destroy me.

Lord, carry me from my sinking sand

Bring me to your rock of salvation

I can’t do it, I don’t have the strength

So carry me please to the shelter of your wings

free me from the enemies snare

so I can find peace in your arms

Nothing in this life is mine

I am worthless with out you

I’m not giving up

just surrendering all that I am for you

The only thing I can do is  give you my heart the only way I know how.

God, you showed me mercy on the cross.

That is the only mercy I need.

The suffering I endure on earth is nothing compared to the suffering you endured on the cross.

Who am I to complain.

No life may not be fair but then you never said it was.

In fact you promised that if  I chose to follow you I would suffer.

Should I feel honored for having to endure so much.

  Your promises are true even if I never see them this side of heaven.

Even through my tears I see you.

I see you in the sunrise.

I feel you in the stormy skies.

I hear you in my babies cries.

I know  you in the worst surprise.

I can run but I can’t hide.

  You are there speaking to me, not letting me go.

  It is through my pain that you have ransomed my heart

The pain is the bait you hook me with

with out it I might never bite

where would I be then

lost at sea in an ocean of false hopes

For the things of earth will pass away but your word is everlasting.

Your word is the truth that frees my soul

In you I will trust

In you I will find peace

In you I will be made whole